MORI LIVE SESSIONS feat Drowning Dreamers, Duncan Dempster and Brady Evans

MORI LIVE SESSIONS feat Drowning Dreamers, Duncan Dempster and Brady Evans

Mori Live Sessions on May 31st is jam packed with art and music, featuring performances by the Drowning Dreamers and Smaller Clusters, live illustration by Brady Evans, and a zine by the Drowning Dreamers and Brady Evans

Thursday, May 31st / 6pm
Mori by Art + Flea at South Shore Market
All ages
Free Admission


Drowning Dreamers

The Drowning Dreamers Band is an indie chamber folk ensemble, from Honolulu, HI.  If you'll let them, they'd like to play a few songs during your next Atlantic passage, Arctic expedition, Death Valley breakfast, Nebraskan power outage, or even just a slightly too silent hour, in your dim cramped apartment. When they play, you can count on an intimate, atmospheric, almost dream-like performance.

Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp, and catch them on Spotify!

Duncan Dempster

Duncan Dempster is a Honolulu-based artist and teacher working primarily in print media, who also produces sound compositions. He is currently an instructor in printmaking at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and is the executive director of Honolulu Printmakers, a 90-year old nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting print culture in the state of Hawaii. In addition to his personal work, he has been involved in numerous collective printmaking projects involving community outreach, collaboration, and exteriorized studio strategies, including a project called .5ppi.  Peep his latest projects and work on his website and get to know him more by checking out his bio!

Brady Evans

Brady Evans is an artist and illustrator born, raised, and working in Honolulu, and currently serves as collections manager for the Honolulu Museum of Art. He says, “I see drawing as a language in which records of events and emotions are captured in some way. I hope that through the act of drawing, such diverse sensations like the casual pondering over a distant memory or the passing of a wandering shadow can not only be recorded but perhaps be made to speak things when it normally would’ve been kept silent.” He will be live illustrating the Drowning Dreamers performance, and recently collaborated with them on a lyric book zine, which will also be available that night. Find him on Instagram!

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