MORI LIVE SESSIONS feat Preston Kauwe, Discovery Zone, Static Cast & Jikininki

MORI LIVE SESSIONS feat Preston Kauwe, Discovery Zone, Static Cast & Jikininki

This month’s lineup is filled with newly formed pop-punk bands from local music scene. While they range in stylings, they all bring a delightfully fun energy to the shows they’ve played and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Discovery Zone:
It’s time to cut loose! Serving you up a hot slice of nostalgic fun is Discovery Zone—a pop-punk four-piece from Parts Unknown and an important part of this balanced breakfast! Each tuneful bite will fill your ear-mouths with a catchy mix of 90’s punk, anthemic fun-scapes, and cheesy easycore jives—all garnished with a pinch of progressive metalcore. Their lyrical dishes and reminiscent vibes will send you wrestling your way through misadventures with your best friends and straight back into childhood playground memories. No need bring a home lunch ’cause we’re going to DZ! Figures and vehicles each sold separately!

Static Cast:
Static Cast is the endeavor, the effort to manifest the human condition in the form of eclectic rock. They write songs about life and love and the struggle to realize one's highest ideal. Weaving high energy riffs with expressive vocals, this 4 piece is a fresh take on what it's like to rock out on an island. Near paleolithic drums blend with thumping basslines to form a unique mix of catharthis and angst. Calling on their roots in punk, 90's grunge and turn of the century alternative, you'll walk away with an afterglow of positivity after seeing this band's performance!

“We’re too self conscious to actually try to write a bio because of our constant fear of failure. That in itself sums up the tone of our band. We’re a 5 piece emo-ish band from Mililani that started with a simple goal of hanging out with friends and introducing new people to music. We’ll be playing all your spotify emo needs, if it’s on your playlist it’s probably on our set list. That sprinkled in with some somber originals and a cute front man will leave you with questions like: Where you are in life? Where will you go? Where can you find those one snacks you used to like when you were like 8 but haven’t seen since you were a kid? We are Kawinki -Dinkies.”

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