MORI Live Sessions featuring Jasmine Yoshikawa & The Bougies

MORI Live Sessions featuring Jasmine Yoshikawa & The Bougies

Join us on February 22nd from 5-9PM in-store at MORI!

Back in December 2017, we brought back MORI Live Sessions - and we're excited to announce that in 2018 we will continue to host many more live music events in-store! For the month of February, we are joined by Jasmine Yoshikawa and The Bougies for the music portion of the event, and Khrya Dilliard for some live art!!

Jasmine Yoshikawa





Jasmine Yoshikawa, a solo musician born and raised in   Oahu who specializes in playing indie pop originals and   covers on the autoharp. Yoshikawa started out on   YouTube creating autoharp covers and now plays them   live at events for the community to enjoy!


The Bougies





The Bougies are a garage-pop band from Honolulu.  The band is comprised of Vocalist and Guitarist Jordan Bongolan, Lead Guitarist Eduard Panen, Bass Guitarist Joy Furushima, and Drummer Kelly Bongolan. They regard themselves as a "bunch of grown up kids playing grown up kid music, spreading our garage pop love from this little ol' rock we live on."


Khrya Dillard





Khyra Dillard, the creative mind behind Peace Peep Designs. While her main focus is designing clothes, creating art is at the center of it all. She uses acrylic paint, sharpie paint markers, and a Lenovo ThinkPad to create colorful works of art. By seeking after peace in her own life, through living a Christian lifestyle, Khyra has learned to incorporate the underlying feelings of peace into her work.


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