Recap: May Live Sessions

Recap: May Live Sessions

We were lucky enough to have two Mori Live Sessions this month, one on May 17th featuring Walter Etc. and Hemingway, the other on May 31st with the Drowning Dreamers, Duncan Dempster/Smaller Clusters, and Brady Evans.


Photos by Michael Keany

The May 17th live session was Walter Etc. and Hemingway’s first performance on the island, with the bands flying in from California, Portland, and New York City that morning.  Both bands played stripped-down acoustic versions of their songs; using an acoustic and electric guitar, with the addition of a cajon in the Walter Etc. set. Hemingway’s set was intimate, quiet, and emotional.  Their songs of grief, loss, love, and longing resonated with the audience as it reverberated through South Shore Market. Walter Etc. opted for a lighter set with their characteristic airy acoustic pop sound, a perfect accompaniment to any summer day.


Photos by Mark Galacgac
Duncan Dempster opened the May 31st show with his electronic noise set.  Elevating the set from a purely aural experience, an accompanying video light projection played on a nearby wall.  The performance was almost like a meditation; the music was so gentle and atmospheric while the colorful abstract projection glitched on a loop.  The combined experience was totally mesmerizing. Continuing the theme of intersecting music and art, then Drowning Dreamers closed out the night while Brady Evans did a live illustration beside them. The room fell to a comfortable silence while the band played, transfixed on watching the musicians vibe off of one another along with the abstract grayscale illustration that seemed to bloom from Brady’s pen.

Although both sessions were extremely different, each band brought their own unique energy, furthering the essence of diversity that this island has to offer.

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