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Ka Mauna a Wākea’ (The Mountain of Wākea)

This piece is directly inspired by the sacred mauna located on the island of Hawai’i. In recent years there has been a resurgence of activism in order to protect the Mauna and further construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). As ancient astrologers and navigators, the Hawaiians have the desire and pursuit of science written in their DNA. So why protest construction of the telescope? The stance itself is a response to almost 100+ years of mistreatment, silencing, and active destruction of Hawaiian land, people, and culture by outside interests such as the United States. The activation of the Kia’i (the defenders of  the land) has brought about the uniting of the Hawaiian people through active engagement with cultural practices; protocol, education, medicine, and created community under the looming umbrella of the American government. The birth of their opposition mirrors that of which came to life with the Hawaiian sovereignty movement of the 60’s and 70’s answering a call to become better kanaka as stewards of their native land.
As an outsider and settler on these islands it is a gift to be able to make a life for myself here and I am grateful. My duty as a settler is not just to take what I need but to have a mutual exchange of energy to give back. To understand the history, culture, neglect and impact that American colonization has had on the islands, to know and pronounce the original names of places I pass through, to leave any space better than I have found it are some of my basic guiding principles for my time here. I ask that as we all enjoy the beauty of these islands that we remember those who cultivated these lands and this unique energy we all experience here as something that is worth preserving and protecting. Be mindful of the steps you take.

  • Digital print on canvas

  • 26x26”

  • Custom afromosia frame by Windswept Homes



Brennan Alexa is a Connecticut-born artist, who is currently based in Honolulu. She has her bachelor's degree in Studio Art from Allegheny College and has been working as a professional artist since 2020. Her current focus in her artistic pursuit is her digital collaging. 

Inspired by Matisse in the cut-out pieces he made during the end of his life, she creates digital prints that give the feel and impression of depth and texture in a 2-dimensional plane. She renders deeply spiritual works with a focus on the awe of nature and interpersonal relationships. Her work always features the balance of dichotomies; male female, light and dark, to celebrate the need for balance in the world and in ourselves. After years of covid-induced isolation the need to reconnect and rediscover a sense of belonging feels crucial in the artist. 

With this body of work printed on mounted canvas by 529 Print Company and Afromisia framework custom made by Windswept Homes Brennan celebrated the work of many local hands that contributed to these pieces' final form. The process itself is a reminder of the value of collaboration especially on the local level. She blends powerfully charged images reminiscent of the islands natural beauty from the three works, “Awakened,” “Mauna,” and “Birth of a Volcano” and the quiet exchange that exists in the work “Universe Within You,” a comment on the depth of partnerships in this body of work. 

Feel free to contact the artist at brennanalexa@gmail.com with any comments, questions, or general messages of support and visit her website brennanalexa.com for other works and prints.