Akule Cheese Platter
Akule Cheese Platter
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Akule Cheese Platter

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Designed to look like it would fit in but also stand out in a rustic cabin, this is the perfect pupu platter to serve freshly caught ahi sashimi, sushi, or cheese and crackers.

This Akule small pupu platter was hand built from a slab. Once dry, it was hand printed with an original hand carved akule linoleum stamp then fired. It was then washed, sanded and covered in a clear glaze before high fired to stoneware. Every one of these pieces are functional pieces of original art –unique and one of a kind.

  • Gyotaku inspired ceramic
  • Size: 8.75” x 5.75”
  • A portion of proceeds from all sales will go to Maui Forest Birds

About the Artist

Honolulu based ceramic artist, Kimberly De Souza is the artist behind Boho Being. Kimberly uses art as a medium to connect her and her audience with Mother Nature.

Kimberly’s background as a freelance illustrator and painter is reflected in her botanical carvings and paintings on her functional pottery or through the animals brought to life in her sculptures. Her work aims to raise awareness for current conservation issues, where a portion of proceeds go to conservation causes close to her heart.