Hapuʻu ʻIlima Mauka to Makai Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt
Hapuʻu ʻIlima Mauka to Makai Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt
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Hapuʻu ʻIlima Mauka to Makai Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt

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  • Made in Hawai‘i
  • 100% Rayon, fabric is silky soft, naturally breathable, and durable
  • Real coconut buttons
  • Button down long sleeve collared shirt with sleeves that roll up and button in place
  • Limited quantity print
  • Designed, cut, and sewn in Hawai‘i on imported fabric

About the Designer

David Shepard is the founder of a place-based, mission-driven aloha wear company. His drawings and designs are a further extension of his mission of conservation through aloha ’āina. M.S. Horticulture alumnus of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, his work at Limahuli Garden, Kalaupapa National Park, and Lyon Arboretum led to story telling. Shepard uses fabric and fashion to tell the story behind the 'why' of aloha ’āina. Each piece is designed and sewn in Hawai’i. They tell stories about our native flora and fauna visually on fabric, literally on tags, and change how those who wear the clothing see themselves and are seen by others. His aloha wear and Hawaiian shirts are conversation starters that bring Hawaii's storied landscapes into timeless yet contemporary clothing. In addition to empowering and giving voice to conservation efforts and kokua throughout Hawai’i, a portion of profits goes back to the organizations featured. With a place based, mission driven approach, fashion can become a platform for conservation on these islands with a voice that transcends and touches people into action far beyond this one place.