Musubi T (Blaque)
Musubi T (Blaque)
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Musubi T (Blaque)

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A nod to the 90s street scene and two nods to a beloved local snack.

50% movement, 50% lifestyle, 100% Musubi. 

Material: 80% Cotton 40% Polyester

About the Artist

A-Crew Apparel is an original concept born in 2014 out of a shared passion between two brothers. It is an artistic expression rooted in the sport of canoe paddling and influenced by elements of the local culture in Hawaii. They strive to create a label that reflects our core values of unity and brotherhood. The "A" stands for alpha – the first and the beginning. It represents the pinnacle of progress and the highest point of potential. In the canoe, the A-Crew are members that embody these strengths.