Edition of 10 Giclee Print
Edition of 10 Giclee Print
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Edition of 10 Giclee Print

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  • Size: 8-1/2” x 11”  Hahnemuhle Fine Art Matte Paper
  • Limited Edition of 10
  • Hand Signed & Numbered

About The Artist

Lauren Hana Chai was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii being the first of her family to be born in the United States. Raised by her grandparents who are from South Korea, she grew up with dual cultures: Very traditional with a Korean lifestyle at home, while at the same time being immersed in the western world outside. In 2010, Lauren moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University and graduated in 2015 with her BFA in painting.

Lauren uses unconventional mediums with mixed media as well as working with her first love, oils. The mixed media brings together different elements which is a reflection of her identity. She paints issues such as taboo, the Korean cultural trait han, history, the clash of traditional and modern, east and west, and the struggle for balance in between.