Stickers (Yokai Friends Series)
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Stickers (Yokai Friends Series)

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  • waterproof and weather-resistant for 2-4 years minimum
  • size: 2.5” x 2.4”

Tanuki is a raccoon dog who is quite mischievous. It is often seen with alcohol in its hand and a straw hat on its head.

Kappa are reptile water creatures. This little guy loves to surf and is always ready to befriend other yokai.

Kitsune is a holy fox who provides protection and wards off evil spirits.

Tengu are renowned swordsmen. So skilled it can balance a loco moco on its head.

Iwana Bozu (char priest) is a fish spirit who warns people about overfishing. He is a little sensitive about this poke bowl.

About the Artist

Honey Star sells stickers, pins, t-shirts, tote bags and more with a range of cute and edgy designs. Our original artwork is inspired by the rich culture in Hawaii, our Japanese heritage and everyday experiences! Honey Star started in 2020 and aims to bring a little bit of joy with every design.