Ulus 2 Ulus Basic Deck
Ulus 2 Ulus Basic Deck
Ulus 2 Ulus Basic Deck
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Ulus 2 Ulus Basic Deck

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Ulus 2 Ulus is a Hawaii-centric social card game. The basic deck includes 460 cards: 360 blue "noun" cards and 110 yellow "adjective" cards. The cards come in a colorful top-bottom box which includes an instruction sheet.

  • 360 Blue "Noun" cards
  • 110 Yellow "Adjective" cards
  • 10 blank cards

About the Brand

U2U began in 2012 when a few friends got together at a Kaneohe coffee shop. Taken by an idea, with the help of some hand-cut index cards, pens, a highlighter, and an appreciation for the local culture of Hawai'i nei, Ulus 2 Ulus was born! Through their eponymous card game, Team Ulus provides a light-hearted and fun way of connecting people to culture and people to people.