(Dis)connected Thoughts Zine
(Dis)connected Thoughts Zine
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(Dis)connected Thoughts Zine

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  • Size: 3-1/4” x 4-3/4”
  • Full color; 32 Pages
  • Color laser jet prints

About the Artist 

unfiltered.ooze is a non-binary visual artist who works primarily in collage and fiber. Their work seeks to understand the creator’s own inner turmoil regarding feelings of isolation stemming from both discomfort surrounding their ethnic background as well as their repulsion and fondness of highly gendered nostalgic ephemera from their childhood. In addition to this the artist is also interested in audience perception of their work. Intending to function as an informal Rorschach test ambiguous statements are occasionally integrated into the art. The viewer’s reaction to the text can be a result of font, colors, composition, the viewer’s own psyche, or things beyond the creator’s own imagination.