Black Lorelei Cotton Jumper
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Black Lorelei Cotton Jumper

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The Lorelei Jumper was inspired by the need for comfort. It’s like a retro memory of that feel good sensation one gets from their first time seeing the ocean. Originally, jumpsuits and overalls were not readily designed for women. However, they became a huge success in the 1930s onwards—the simplicity of the Lorelei draws on the first popular jumpsuits from that era. Giving you both flexibility and great character, the Lorelei has much to offer in its chameleon versatility being suitable for a myriad of outfits and situations. No matter where you go, you will always feel the sheer comfort of the Lorelei. 

The Lorelei Jumper features adjustable straps, organic wooden buttons on both side closures, linen that is both comfortable and breathable, with a wide-leg fit making it the best option for beach-goers and urban escapes alike.


·       Adjustable straps

·       Organic wooden buttons

·       Side Closures

·       Wide leg fit

·       Clean and pristine whites and color dyes

·       Linen

Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold, use mild detergents, dry flat. Ironing will help to smooth out any wrinkles that may naturally occur during washing. Do not tumble dry to avoid any shrinkage.


About the Brand

Marina & Company was created in 2018 on the isle of Oahu. During that time, Marina & Co’s owner and founder’s mother had recently passed away. Her mother had enjoyed sketching beautiful women surrounded by nature. She decided to recreate her mother's sketches into real life dresses and jumpsuits that would inspire women to feel more comfortable and discover their natural beauty. The floral prints on our clothes were inspired by her mother as well as she loved to garden and attentively took care of every bud and flower. Although her mother isn’t around today to see her creation realized, her legacy lives on. 

"We at Marina & Company take special measures to be sure that all women can wear our clothes. Not only do we make clothes that embody the fighting spirit but we also provide bras and linings that are suitable for those who may need to add an extra insert into the bra. We also donate to local breast cancer awareness organizations and do what we can to discreetly make everyone feel equally comfortable and beautiful. 

We care deeply about our planet and do our best to ensure that our practices are entirely sustainable for the environment. Local artisans in Bali use traditional handcrafting methods to dye and cut our fabrics and are always ethically supported for their hard and precise work.

Community is in our roots, and as we grow, we want to continue to support and share our growth with other local stores and brands."