Butterfly Knife Pin
Butterfly Knife Pin
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Butterfly Knife Pin

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  • 1.5" soft enamel pin
  • 2 pvc rubber backing
  • material: zinc alloy
  • plating: black nickle

About the Artist

No Apologies Worldwide was created in 2017 and is solely owned and operated. The brand is heavily influenced by American & Japanese traditional tattoos and street art graffiti. No Apologies’ designs are mostly originals other than those designed by collaborating artists from around the world like: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Philippines, hence the name No Apologies Worldwide. The choice of art is not meant to be loved by everyone; it may also offend some. Just like street art graffiti, to some it may be an eyesore, but to others it is a beautiful masterpiece. I like to think of the consumers as “outlaws”, kind of like how people who collected tattoos in the pre ‘90s were portrayed. The brand has a much deeper meaning than just dope designs, it represents a rebellious lifestyle and doing things with no apologies.