Vaccinated Enamel Pin by Boz Schurr
Vaccinated Enamel Pin by Boz Schurr
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Vaccinated Enamel Pin by Boz Schurr

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Have you leveled up with your vaccine? (Or fully intend to do so once it’s available to you?) Show off your faith in science and how much you care about other with some vaccinated pin pride!

These 1.5 inch soft enamel pins come with double rubber pins backing (so no spinning pins, or snagging on your clothes!) Choose from two finishes - Gold or Silver!

About the Artist

Boz is currently an art history, drawing, painting, and illustration teacher at Kamehameha Schools Kapālama and a freelance graphic designer, muralist, and artist/illustrator. She enjoys traveling the world (when she can), painting murals around the island, running, drinking coffee, and playing with her cat.