Peach Stone Crystal Healing Bracelet
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Peach Stone Crystal Healing Bracelet

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Made with Natural Peach Moonstone, with accents of Rose Gold Lava Rock and White Moonstone, and adorned with a Manini Moon Charm.

Made with 22 beads – 6.8 Inches (average size)

Moonstone is a direct connection to the divine feminine. It connects you to your own intuition. And it can assist you in tuning in to the cycles of the moon. Peach moonstone is particularly helpful with feelings of self-confidence and self-worth. It is especially good for new beginnings and helping you find a clear path forward in your life. Peach moonstone can also help to ease menstrual problems or irregularities, easing PMS and bringing a calm and peace to worry and anxiety.

About the Owner

Founder of Manini Moon, Marisa Fukunaga was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.

"I have always been sensitive to energy, even as a child. Before I even knew what I was feeling, I would pick up on other people’s energy, the residual energy of a place, and even spirits that have not passed over yet. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I had an experience that broke me open to the world of Spirit. It was quite a journey getting back in touch with myself. Along the journey, I learned more about my intuition and gifts. Some of my very first teachers were crystals! They each radiated palpable energy that I could feel and I knew that they were very alive. Crystals helped me to feel safe and protected. They also helped me to heal on various levels. I was then gifted my first Angel Card deck by my mom. Angel Cards are similar to Tarot Cards, just with more gentle and uplifting imagery. Angel Cards really helped guide and uplift me along my path. I soon began doing readings for friends and coworkers. Then, with a little nudge from the universe, I decided to do readings professionally. And so began Manini Moon. Manini Moon is my business platform, on which I offer professional angel card readings as well as products such as crystals, energy clearing sprays, and jewelry. I have always felt a deep connection to the moon. Whenever I would look up, be it day or night, I would see the moon in the sky. I always felt as though the moon was talking to me or calling me home. Whenever I would go to take a picture of the moon it would look so small in comparison to real life. I would say, “It’s a Manini Moon!” and thus it became the name of my business."