Golden Lei Manu Necklace Collaboration with Leihekili
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Golden Lei Manu Necklace Collaboration with Leihekili

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Feathers were recognized as the highest form of currency in old Hawai‘i. Golden feathers were one of the most valuable, as they were plucked from the now extinct ‘ō‘ō bird, who had only a few ruffles of golden feathers. Thousands of ‘ō‘ō birds were caught and released to create a full cape of golden feather. To wear one was an honor reserved for only Hawai‘i Ali‘i. This gold lei manu is an abstracted shape of a traditional Hawaiian feather cape, emphasizing the juxtaposition of its straight and curved lines. Its name comes from 2 Hawaiian words, "lei", meaning adornment, and "manu" meaning bird.

  • Chain length 18" 
  • Measurements: 2 1/2" x 2 3/8"
  • 14k gold filled
  • Collaboration with Leihekili

About the Artist

Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Green Tea Leaves designer Tiffany Lee is an architect by trade, designing minimal yet impactful silver and gold jewelry. She is drawn to simple lines and strong shapes. All of her work is hand-done and finished to look handcrafted: hand cut, shaped, hammered and polish.