Hanakin (A Friday Like a Flower) Pin
Hanakin (A Friday Like a Flower) Pin
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Hanakin (A Friday Like a Flower) Pin

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The meaning behind this pin is 'hanakin', which in Japanese roughly translates to 'a Friday so good that it's like a flower,a similar sentiment to 'thank god it's friday'. Add this pin to your weekly Friday attire to welcome the endless possibilities the weekend brings forth.

100% of this pin's proceeds will go to Fukushima Mieruka, which is a part of Friends of the Earth Japan, a non-governmental organization which advocates for climate change locally and continues the work of rebuilding a sustainable society in the nuclear-affected areas of Fukushima prefecture.

  • Size: 1" x 1"
  • Enamel
  • Translation: "a Friday like a flower"

About the Artist

"Hello, my name is Missie Yamamura: I'm a botanical lover, an ambivert, and am the founder of @venusgurlz. Originally from the town of Kaimuki on O'ahu, Hawai'i I created venusgurlz as a place for my design creativity to flourish back in 2017. My work directly translates into sharing my diasporic experience and defining my Japanese American identity. I hope my small business inspires you to explore new places, connect to your cultural roots, and have an open heart to other perspectives than your own."