Hobbs Tea Variety Box
Hobbs Tea Variety Box
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Hobbs Tea Variety Box

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Discover four 100% Hawaiʻi Grown Teas. 

  • 100% Hawaiʻi Grown White Tea (Light Caffeine)
  • 100% Hawaiʻi Grown Green Tea (Moderate Caffeine)
  • 100% Hawaiʻi Grown Oolong Tea (Moderate Caffeine)
  • 100% Hawaiʻi Grown Black Tea (Moderate Caffeine)

Includes 1 hand-tied tea sachet of each type of tea for 4 sachets total.

About the Brand

Ultra-premium clean tea should be accessible for all people, anytime! Hobbs Tea Hawaii is passionate about excellent tea, while having a positive impact on the environment and community. They believe the world's highest quality tea should not only be able to keep up with an on-the-go lifestyle, but fuel further adventures!