Kimono Gals by 7sketches
Kimono Gals by 7sketches
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Kimono Gals by 7sketches

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 Size: 4" x 2"

About the Artist

Derick Fabian, [founder of 7Sketches], is a Hawai’i-based artist known for his original sticker art, or “slaps." Blending the spheres of cartoons, anime, comic books, and manga, along with hip-hop and local culture, 7Sketches has created a world of mashup characters that are infiltrating [Hawaii and beyond]" - Camille Wong, Digital Media Coordinator for 7-11

Derick has had the pleasure of working with Hawaiian Airlines, 7-Eleven, Bloomingdale's x Nintendo, POW! WOW! Hawaii, Lion Coffee, Thrilla Krew, Teapresso Bar, Lightsleepers, Galerie F, Dada Salon, Duck Butt Cafe, and of course, where it all began 5 years ago - Art + Flea!