KineTikko OBSCURE Ring
KineTikko OBSCURE Ring
KineTikko OBSCURE Ring
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KineTikko OBSCURE Ring

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OBSCURE is a spinner ring from the KinneTikko collection. Minimalism, geometry, form, contrast, and movement all come together in this ring. The spinning black agate cylinder captivates your attention with its rich color.

  • Handmade
  • Black agate cylinder, Sterling Silver


KinneTikko is a collection of jewelry with moving elements such as meditation rings and balancing earrings. It was designed to be the perfect complement that aligns with your life. It comes alive, as you fill it with motion. Kinetic collection features minimalistic rings with spinning stones, which are great for everyday meditation. They will truly be a treasure for those who find it calming to have something   to fiddle with through their day. The name and concept of this collection is inspired by kinetic art–mobile sculptures and the idea that nothing is ever static. Everything is always in motion, even if we cannot see it. Life is movement, and movement is the essence of life.

About the Brand

Istovo's mission is to make the world a better place by bringing a bit of beauty to everyday life. Their jewelry is created for those who appreciate the uniqueness and the pure beauty of simple things; those who seek a deeper meaning in what they own and wear. 

When women wear Istovo pieces, they feel unique, beautiful, appreciated, loved and heard; they can feel a connection to something bigger than any one of us. They wish to connect on the deepest personal level, to understand each other, and to share the moments of true magic.