Mama Thanks for Puddin’ up with Me Greeting Card
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Mama Thanks for Puddin’ up with Me Greeting Card

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  • Card Dimensions: 4.25” x 6”

About the Artist

“This is Whitney aka Kitt, the heart and hands behind our presence, our illustrations and our bullet journal page. When I'm not streaming on Twitch, taking photos, or drawing illustrations you can find me at my favorite local cafe, @9BarHNL in Honolulu, cooking in the kitchen and sipping delicious coffee made by my husband and partner, Alex aka Bunn.

Bunn is the brain behind all the design and handles the technical work like our equipment and production process. Alex spent his teen and college life tearing up code in Xanga, stitching designs into band flyers, photographing friends, and seeking stories to film. He continues to seep and utilize these experiences into Kitt and Bunn's expressions.

Our partnership and our community make up what is Kitt & Bunn Supply Co. While we love producing and delivering stationery and other product needs, our heart thrives on cultivating and building creative community. Whether it is through creating products, streaming work sessions, or teaching workshops, the community will always be the heart of Kitt & Bunn Supply Co.”