Maria Tanase Glass Seed Bead Earrings by CASADEMIAN
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Maria Tanase Glass Seed Bead Earrings by CASADEMIAN

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Miyuki Delica and round glass beads nylon thread and Beadalon thread which is a smooth, thermally bonded thread, to create a superior stringing product that cannot be pierced with a needle. Super-strong, waterproof,and near zero-stretch, gold filled ear wire. These items are heavily inspired by traditional Romanian folk patterns, normally used on traditional clothing, home adornments, pottery etc. that the artist would see all around her growing up. In an attempt to recreate her childhood and relearn about her own culture, these pieces came to life. Each pair of earrings is hand
stitched one bead at a time and is made to last a lifetime.

PALETTE: seafoam luster, matte metallic dark gold, opaque matte silver
DIMENSIONS : 4 inches long, and 1.25 inches wide

About the Artist

CasaDemian started in 2017 by Ioana Demian, a Romanian soul happily living the Hawaii life. Looking to rediscover her Romanian roots through her craft, and at the same time, share the love for artisanal work with the world.