Moon Planting Card Deck
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Moon Planting Card Deck

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A daily sustainability resource weaving mindful connections between humans and the environment. This educational card deck includes one card per day of the 30 day lunar cycle. Each card includes the name, meaning, recommended activity, and specific plants to grow that day.

"There are three types of farmers,

One who farms by the full moon,

One who farms by the new moon,

and the fool."


About the Artist:

Ola Loa Organics is a local farm startup by Hannah Azouz who will soon be graduating the Go Farm Waialua Agribusiness Program. UH Mānoa and KUPU alumni, Hannah switched routes from Native Hawaiian forest conservation into Agriculture during 2020 when she realized Hawaiʻi still imports 70% of fresh fruits and vegetables. Food is the one thing every human has in common, and it is the one thing we will always need. The Mahina Planting Guide was created in January 2021 to raise startup capital for her sustainable farm.