Night Fall: Resistance Jackets
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Night Fall: Resistance Jackets

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To be resistant is a result of your self-awareness. To be resistant is a form of self-love. To be resistant is empowerment. We must resist toxic relationships, thoughts, & affirmations from poisoning our positivity, dreams, & state of being. This exhibition is designed to provide you with the tools for resistance. Through inspirational testimonies, interactive affirmations, and lettered-shelter.

  • Loose fit
  • Polyester shell
  • Water-resistant

About the Artist

After receiving his Bachelors of Studio Art from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2018, Zachary Angeles decided to make the dive into Art full-time. Over the years, he experimented with mediums and taught himself advanced drawing techniques in order to visually represent his concepts. As his self-awareness grew, Zach's work became more comprehensive & his concepts began to find its reasoning. In 2019, Zach became the featured Artist of Mental Health America of Hawaii. This opportunity allowed him to advocate for the de-stigmatization of Mental Health amongst young, Asian-American males. The core values behind his work lie in 1) emotional representation through mediums/techniques, 2) advocating/showcasing emotional equity through representation, and 3) storytelling/private journaling through language. The spectrum of letters is much like the spectrum of emotions—and the question will always be “how willing are you to read between the lines?”