Shave Ice Dino Sticker sheet
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Shave Ice Dino Sticker sheet

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  •  Die cut waterproof stickers
  • 5x7 sheet

About the Artist

Danielle Villoria is the artist behind these crazy, colorful, flora-covered dinosaurs!

Dani is an illustrator with a love for all thing botanical. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts & Art History from Lesley University in Boston, she returned home to Hawai’i. Now a mama of three dino-loving girls, her inspiration is a constant parade of imaginative play and colorful adventures. The tropical hues and vibrant culture of her home on O’ahu are reflected in every dinosaur she creates. 

But why dinosaurs?

She says, "I have a passion for botany and bright colors. The dinosaurs began as doodles for our daughters’ playhouse, but have become great vessels of storytelling! I hope these dinos will bring a smile to your face and aloha to your home!"