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About the Artist

Manny Aloha is Emanuel Florante Pangilinan, a Filipino-American artist based in Honolulu since 2005. He created the moniker Manny Aloha during his final year working for the late Honolulu Weekly Alternative Newspaper as a shorter way to sign cover art illustrations.  Between 2007–2010 he produced over 100 covers many of which he illustrated and art directed.

Manny was born in Manhattan in 1973 and spent his teenage years skateboarding the streets of New York City and the Brooklyn Banks. His passion for fine art was ignited after his skateboarding friends introduced him to drawing, painting, and writing graffiti. From the age of 15, carrying a sketchbook became a religion and poems of personal experiences came naturally along with playing with lines, shapes, and colors. He received a BFA in Painting from Penn State University in 1996 then moved back to New York and had his first solo exhibition in 1997. He lived in Brooklyn, and continued to have solo and group exhibitions on both east and west coasts of the United States. He lived and wrote graffiti with the 907 Crew. In 2000, while participating in a group exhibition for the ASR skateboard trade show in San Diego, some artists urged him to surf. From then on, surfing became a passion and a way of life. From 2001-2005 he participated in numerous group shows with a collaborative of graffiti artists called the Barnstormers. The subject matter of Manny’s work has always been a reflection of his passions and personal life.  The artwork displayed here are his latest creations.