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Teine Samoa Print

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In Samoa, the malu is a traditional female tattoo that signifies identity, protection, and endurance of pain. The delicate markings of the malu span from her knees to her upper thighs. This composition references Sandro Boticelli's symbol of love and beauty as seen in his painting, "Birth of Venus." "Teine Samoa," celebrates the spirit of love, beauty, and the strength of Samoan women.

  • Size: 11" x 14" matted
  • Gicleé print
  • Limited edition signed print with Certificate of Authenticity
  • 7-9/88

About the Artist

Saumolia’s artwork is a personal reflection of his coming of age as a first generation Sāmoan-American. Saumolia was born in San Diego, California, but spent his formative years growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2006, he began honing his craft at Kapiolani Community College. He then transferred to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2012. After graduation, he moved to Oklahoma City where he exhibited his artistry at every given opportunity such as: places of employment, restaurants, local businesses, galleries, and in the homes of many friends. After 5 years of living state side, he returned home to O’ahu to be closer to his family, as well as to pursue his art career throughout the Pacific.