'Tsundoku' Enamel Pin by Missie Yamamura
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'Tsundoku' Enamel Pin by Missie Yamamura

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"Tsudoku" translation: "buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves, floors, or nightstands." 

Size: 1" x 1"

About the Artist

"Hello, my name is Missie Yamamura: I'm twenty-four, a bit of a botanical fanatic, an ambivert, and I am the founder of @venusgurlz. Originally from the town of Kaimuki on O'ahu, Hawai'i I established venusgurlz as a place for my design creativity to flourish back in 2017 & have been evolving alongside of it ever since. The motivation behind my philosophy is simple: the Japanese word 'koritsu', or efficiency, in everything I do. I hope this small business inspires you to explore new places, cultures, & perspectives."