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Twig Pin
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Twig Pin

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Oh look, it's the bean pole! A cute bean pole! Twig from the Sticks & Stones Collection is here. Twig is an original character and his pin is perfect for that friend who seems to be too tall for everything: clothes, doorways, the economy seats on an airplane, you name it. On the bright side, he's over 6 feet though.*

*Twig is not actually over 6 feet. He's a mere 1.375" tall.

Size: Approximately 1.375" x 1.375”

About the Artist:

Geoffrey Siu is a graphic designer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. With several years of experience designing products in the anime community, his current products are centered around humor and playful puns. Through pop-culture references in the style of kawaii (the Japanese term for cute) and light-hearted wordplay, he invites everyone to chuckle, or at least blow air out of their nostrils when they see his work.