Utot Komiks: School Edition Comic Anthology
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Utot Komiks: School Edition Comic Anthology

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Late night parties and secrets between friends. Schoolyard card duels that determine your fate. Peeks of pink plum blossoms in a sea of sameness. Find all of this and more in Utot Komiks: School Edition, an all-new anthology featuring thirteen experimental, high school-centric comics.

This collection features over 230 pages of full-color comics including stories by Hawai'i artists Aria Villafranca, Joli Hamada, and Kyla Aiko.


  • 236 pages


About the Artist:

Kyla Aiko is an author and artist who's always looking for good soup noodle recommendations (the spicier, the better). She loves to explore wonder, whimsy, and wistfulness through visual narratives, and her debut middle grade graphic novel, Foxlight, is forthcoming from Feiwel & Friends.