MID MOD “IBM” Enamel Pin
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MID MOD “IBM” Enamel Pin

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Size: 0.75" x 1"

Show your love for Midcentury Modern architecture with this limited edition Waikikian Hotel pin! Celebrating Hawaii’s inaugural Modernism Month with Docomomo Hawaii, this pin is an exclusive collaboration with @docomomohi @misteemu and @mori_hawaii.

“The perfect hyperbolic paraboloid roof - the Waikikian Hotel Lobby, built in 1956 by George “Pete” Wimberly is an architectural masterpiece in itself and embraces Polynesian designs to its utmost potential. Wimberly came to Hawaii in 1940 as a “journeyman architect doing naval work at Pearl Harbor.” After the war he worked with Howard Cook in the architectural firm of Wimberly and Cook. The rehabilitation of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel was one of his first jobs and many more followed. His work is typified by the use of local materials such as coral stone, lava rock, wood beams, thatch, bamboo, and glass; local “forms” such as flowing indoor/outdoor open spaces sheltered by big dramatic roofs with big eaves; and liberal use of figurations, patterns and motifs derived from the cultures of the Pacific.” 

About Docomomo:

Enriching our communities and our culture through the understanding, appreciation and preservation of modern architecture and design.  Docomomo is the international organization for the documentation and conservation of buildings and sites of the modern movement.  DocomomoHawaii are the regional chapter of Docomomo US, serving the Hawaiian Islands to celebrate the "timeless modernism" of Hawaii's pop culture and to learn what we can do to educate and preserve Midcentury architecture here in Hawaii.

Docomomo US will be holding its National Symposium in Honolulu from September 25-28, 2019.  It is a first for Hawaii and a huge honor for the state, especially since this year marks the 50th anniversary of the State Capitol, one of Honolulu's most iconic Midcentury structures. 


Length: 1”

Metal backing