S.N.S. OG - Three Wrongs Make a Right!
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S.N.S. OG - Three Wrongs Make a Right!

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Ingredients:  Organic carrots, organic ghost peppers, datil peppers (from St. Augustine FL!), Hawaiian chilis and Hawaiian Akua peppers, garlic, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, organic juice from Hawaiian limes, filtered water, Hawaiian sea salt, and organic sugar, with a wee bit o teeth gnashing and high hopes.

Best uses and taste profile:  

Adapt with mouthwatering ease to whatever food environment you seek to enlighten, this Ninja will not run away from your fare!  With a thicker texture and citrusy burst, we feel we have crafted a sauce for all seasons, all occasions and of course, all of your imaginings.

This sauce is how we give thanks to that which comes most unexpectedly and upon further examination, has raised us up a few levels for the day.  The heat is righteous for a brief moment, much like a wave that crashes, allowing for long term consumption in the face of a slow burn.  With a light feel, an intense flavor and light citrus notes, this is truly a sauce for all occasions, seasons, situations, basically, this IS your new go to.

About the Brand

A uniquely hand crafted taste of paradise born on the Big Island of Hawaii for wherever and however you may find yourself in the world.  Hawaiian grown with rainwater filtered by rainbows in soil forged of volcanoes and legend. Mind expanding and mood altering blends created to represent the very finest of the Hawaiian Islands and the infallible wisdom of the Aloha Spirit.