Pickled Surf Print by SURFJOY
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Pickled Surf Print by SURFJOY

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  • Size: 11” x 8.5”
  • Matted and Hand Signed
  • Printed on textured gallery quality paper

About the Artist

“I am a self taught artist that started my career in murals. I discovered a love for illustration and design in 2020 and created "SurfJoy" t-shirt brand. 

I believe in truly fair labor and supporting America's working middle class - that's why I only print onto shirts made 100% here in the USA. NEVER outsourced to countries with relaxed labor or environmental standards.

I attempt to reduce the obscene amount of waste that ends up in our oceans by painting Original works on salvaged materials; Busted surfboards, wine crates, wood paneling, etc. This makes each piece one of a kind. Some artworks are realized within hours.. or overnight in a dream. Some take years. They sit against my walls quietly, until they eventually call out once more. Inspired by the beauty and mana (spirit) of the Hawaiian islands - my work is an expression of the joy I experience during my time in the ocean. My hope is that my work brings you joy also.”