Books by Bess Press: Alohasaurus
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Books by Bess Press: Alohasaurus

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A lonely dinosaur living in a cave on the island of Kaua‘i dreams of making friends. No one seems to want to play with him because of his size and the noises that he makes. 
Until one day, a small group of friends decides to not be afraid and asks him to play. From then on, they learn from the dinosaur’s kind and gentle ways that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Written by: Vera Arita; Illustrated by: Jamie Tablason 


  • Language: English
  • Hard Cover
  • 30 Pages
  • Publisher: BeachHouse Publishing. LLC
  • Color
  • 8.25" x 9.5"

About the Publisher: 

Bess Press Inc. is a family owned publishing company located in Kaimukī. For over 43 years, the Press has been creating and developing content for Hawai‘i and the greater Pacific.