Haloa (Kalo) and the Sunrise Greeting Card
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Haloa (Kalo) and the Sunrise Greeting Card

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Mamo Na Hāloa

“Descendants of Hāloa”

In the beginning, the god Wakea (the expanse of the heavens) and goddess Hoʻohōkūkalani (adorn the heavens with stars) conceived a son. At birth, this son turned out to be still born so his parents buried him on the eastern side of their hale, the side of the morning sunrise.

Not long after, a plant with long stalks and heart shaped leaves started growing out of the spot where the baby had been buried. This plant was named Hāloanakalaukapalili. It was the first kalo plant.

Eventually, Wakea and Hoʻohōkūkalani have a second son, whom they named Haloa, in honor of his elder brother, the kalo. Haloa becomes the foundation of the Hawaiian race.

The story of Hāloa takes us back to the beginning of the Hawaiian people, it reminds us that we began from nature and therefore are a part of it. The plants, animals, and islands are our ancestors and kūpuna, therefore it is our duty to not only malama but to nurture stronger connections with the ‘aina for our future generations.

Cards and envelopes are hand stamped and thus will come with their own unique variations that are characteristic of block printing techniques and hand made in general–no two are the same!

  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Hand printed with original hand carved linoleum stamps
  • Water based ink, kraft paper

About the Artist

Honolulu based ceramic artist, Kimberly De Souza is the artist behind Boho Being. Kimberly uses art as a medium to connect her and her audience with Mother Nature.

Kimberly’s background as a freelance illustrator and painter is reflected in her botanical carvings and paintings on her functional pottery or through the animals brought to life in her sculptures. Her work aims to raise awareness for current conservation issues, where a portion of proceeds go to conservation causes close to her heart.