Latte Rex (Love You a Latte) Print by DINOFLORA
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Latte Rex (Love You a Latte) Print by DINOFLORA

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  • 5x7” Matted
  • Special holiday print from Dinoflora
  • Stock will be pulled after December

About the Artist

Danielle Villoria is the artist behind these crazy, colorful, flora-covered dinosaurs! Dani is an illustrator with a love for all things botanical. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts & Art History from Lesley University in Boston, she returned home to Hawai’i. Now a mama of three dino-loving girls, her inspiration is a constant parade of imaginative play and colorful adventures. The tropical hues and vibrant culture of her home on O’ahu are reflected in every dinosaur she creates. 

"I have a passion for botany and bright colors. The dinosaurs began as doodles for our daughters’ playhouse, but have become great vessels of storytelling! I hope these dinos will bring a smile to your face and aloha to your home!"