Logo Dandelion Keychain by TALES OF ELEANOR
Logo Dandelion Keychain by TALES OF ELEANOR
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Logo Dandelion Keychain by TALES OF ELEANOR

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This Eleanor keychain features an original illustration and is made from hard enamel high-fired to a rose gold finish.

  • Keychain charm measures 2 inch in length.

  • Full keychain measures 3.125 inches in length.

  • Includes a fully illustrated card display with matte finish.

  • Message on back reads “Some only see a weed but Eleanor sees a billion possible wishes. She’s trying to keep them from blowing away so she can save some for a rainy day.”

About the Artist

Ke Chen is an illustrator from Honolulu now based in San Francisco. Her Tales of Eleanor brand is about a brave little hedgehog named Eleanor and her daily struggles. She started the brand on Instagram to tell stories that would make others feel less alone and make our daily challenges normal. Eleanor is a brave hedgehog who is always trying SO hard to make life work. There’s maybe a little bit of Ellie in all of us. 
All designs are hand drawn and manufactured locally in San Francisco with ethical and sustainable standards. You can see more of Eleanor’s associated stories on Instagram @talesofeleanor.