The Monster Fieldguide Volume No. 2: Project Chimera
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The Monster Fieldguide Volume No. 2: Project Chimera

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  • 9.5” x 7”
  • 12 Pages
  • Language: English

About the Artist

Sam Guerrero sorts through the multiple layers of insecurities that exist within the multi-dimensional structure of his identity for inspiration. His work utilizes the familiar language found within America’s visual culture – injected with enough peculiarity to question the validity of its content. Guerrero spotlights the incongruities that he sees in his own experiences and the environments that have perpetuated them to him. Guerrero's work seeks to question the existing sources of “normality” by trying to expose the aspects that should be questioned but instead are often accepted.

Sam Guerrero was born in East Los Angeles California where he lived most of his life. Guerrero holds a BA in art as well as a secondary education degree with an emphasis on art education from Azusa Pacific University and completed his graduate work at Portland State University.