Tropical Locks Hydrating Hair Serum
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Tropical Locks Hydrating Hair Serum

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A blend of Cardamom, Bergamot & Sweet Orange work wonders at reviving a scalp who bares a heavy burden. With overtones of Rose and a subtle note of Jasmine, this citrus & floral infusion will leave your locks feeling and smelling ever so tropical! 

Born from Botanicals in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love +
Hawaiian Cold Pressed Macadamia Nut {Macadamia tetraphylla}, Organic Virgin Coconut {Cocos nucifera}, Rose Absolute {Rosa damascena}, *Bergamot Essential Oil {Citrus bergamia}, *Sweet Orange Essential Oil {Citrus aurantium} Jasmine Absolute {Jasminum grandiflorum}, Cardamom Essential Oil {Elettaria cardamomum} 


About the Artist

Deanna Rose is an herbalist & natural perfumer living in Manoa Valley of O’ahu, Hawai’i.
When not tending to her garden or exploring the jungle, she can usually be found whipping up elixirs or experimenting with botanical aromatics, pigments and medicines.
She is committed to creations that allow nature to work in its truest forms.